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Documentary Photo Library  

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Art: crafts; fine art; sculpture

Bridges: (all types)

Buildings: (substantial collection of all types including planning issues; siting)

Camping: caravans; motorhomes; tents & bothies

Driving: 4x4; behaviour; crashes; hazards (incl. weather); signs & roads; unroadworthy vehicles; vehicle design

Environment: power generation; recycling; rubbish; sustainable energy; visual pollution; water supply; wind power

Fauna: birds; cats; dogs; farm (cattle, horses & donkeys, hens & ducks, pigs, sheep & goats); insects; other pets; water; wild

Fireworks & Lights

Flora: A-Z garden plants; cacti; fungi; lichen & mosses; trees (A-Z, damaged & diseased, growing situations, planting, regrowth, silhouettes, woods/forest) water; wild (bluebells, bracken, gorse, fern, coast & cliff, hedgerow & verge, meadow & grassland, mountain & moor, wasteground, weeds & invasive, woodland)

Gardening: back, front, veg & fruit, gardens (Eden, Heligan, Nat Botanic Garden of Wales); hedges; maintenance; ponds; problems; public; structures


Land Use: farming (arable, forestry, shepherding & shearing, silage & hay, tractors & machinery, traditional methods, walls, fences, hedges) landscape

types; quarrying & mining; tourism

Paths: paths; gates & seats; stiles & steps

People: adults (various situations); children (& water, playing, with animals); walkers (with dogs, maps & navigation, obstacles, with sticks, weather, woods)

Photo Technique

Places: (rural & urban, mostly mid & north Wales, other UK, Spain, France, Portugal)

Signs: advertising; graffiti; humorous; information; mileposts & boundary stones; warning

Society: behaviour; health & safety; tourism & business

Still Life: man-made; natural

Technology & Science

Telephone & Post Boxes

Transport: boats; bus & coach; cars (A-Z, derelict, old, registration numbers); cycling & motorcycling; flying; railways; miscellaneous vehicles

Weather: clouds; cold; dry; hot; sunrise & sunset; tides & waves; wet; wind

The library also holds a collection of large format monochrome negatives, mostly of Cheshire in the

mid-20th century. Please enquire if you have an interest in these.