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Introduction to Documentary Photo Library

photograph landscape near St Davids

East from Carnllidi, St Davids Head

Documentary Photo Library is new and different. Its strengths are its

diverse stock, its style of photography and its personal service.


Images hard to find elsewhere can be found at DPL, perhaps because

they are unusual or alternatively, because they are too ordinary to

attract the attention of photographers.


The images show the world as it is. Documentary Photo Library avoids

contrived shots, the subject being more important than technique. An

adequate picture captured is better than a perfect picture missed!


Most libraries now provide online searching using keywords. But busy

editors know that all too often, keywording can be more of a hindrance

than a help. This library doesn't offer online searching and purchasing

facilities. Instead, to help picture buyers avoid time-consuming searches

through hundreds of photographs, DPL will discuss your requirements and

email low-resolution suggestions. Just telephone or email.


Book and magazine publishers sourcing photographs for editorial use should

try DPL. The extensive selection of UK landscape photos, particularly in

Wales, will be of interest to publishers of tourism literature, calendars and

greetings cards.

This website presents just a few pictures from the range of stock.

Follow the links to see examples from some of the categories, browse the

detailed Subject List or go to the last page for Contact information.